Prenatal Education

As you prepare for your birth, learn about class options to thoroughly prepare for your pregnancy and birth experience! Some classes are offered privately in your home and custom designed for your specific needs!

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Certified Childbirth Educators

Birth Doula

Support during pregnancy and labor

A private doula is a woman who has been trained in all things childbirth who will help you plan your birth and get ready for your special day! She will be on call for you several weeks before your estimated due date up until the time you start labor to come to you to support you with comfort techniques, coaching, and emotional support no matter what time of the day it begins. She will also be a text or phone call away whenever you have a question. Get to know all of our members and interview as many as you want to find the doula that is the perfect fit for your needs! We believe there is a doula for everyone and some personalities and special skills fit in with one client better than another! We all support one another and also help one another as back-up when needed! Meet our Birth Doulas here!

Postpartum Doula

Support in your home after baby is born!

The postpartum doula plays a special role in the new family's life right after the baby's birth. She is trained to support the whole family in the home to ease into the transition of life with a newborn. That may mean doing light housework, cooking, meal planning, preparing a bath for mom, helping siblings transition to having a new baby in the home, assisting with newborn care, breastfeeding or bottle feeding, and any other special needs the mother may have. Sometimes moms just need a little time to shower or rest or talk through their birth experience with someone who understands! Search for Postpartum Doulas here!

Breastfeeding is a beautiful way to feed your baby, but sometimes challenges can arise. Here is a list of support options for you to gain the help you need to succeed!





Support through pregnancy and infant loss.

Pregnancy and infant loss is a sad reality for many mothers. No mother should ever have to endure this alone. Some doulas have also been trained in bereavement support and are available to bring emotional and physical support through this heartbreaking time of infant loss and also help you make the memories you want to always remember your baby.

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Support during pregnancy or infant loss.