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Spinning Babies® Parent Class


Comfort in Pregnancy! Comfort in Labor!

Not Your Ordinary Childbirth Class!

This 3 hour class teaches you and your partner how to bring balance to the body, make space in pelvis for baby to easily navigate the birth process through gentle stretching exercises and techniques!



  • Back labor eased

  • Breech babies that flip head down

  • Transverse (sideways) babies suddenly turn head down – cesarean canceled!

  • Posterior babies (sunny-side-up) rotate and/or descend

  • First labors occurring regularly in 8 hours or less

  • Cesareans canceled outside the OR; baby already born!

  • More natural births and VBACs around the world!

Find out more here! www.birthandlactation.com/spinningbabies

Register for the next class on November 5! https://www.facebook.com/events/463707704218970/